Trending October 2023 # 10 Best Firefox Extensions For Web Developers # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # 10 Best Firefox Extensions For Web Developers # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Firefox is one of the popular most web browsers that has gained popularity over time.

For enduring extensibility, web developers are turning up with innovative extensions for Firefox.

Here in this article, I am going to suggest to you some of the best Firefox extensions for web developers.

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Firefox introduces some of the best extensions that are going to make your work easier and interesting.

You have a wide variety of options from Firefox extensions for web developers to choose from.

Each one is enriched with the unique features you need as a developer. Here I have assembled 10 handpicked extensions recommended for the Developers. Check it out!

The color picker tool that you get has similar features as that of photoshop. Using this amazing tool, you can choose to color read from any point. And then go for editing and adjusting it.

You can then paste it to another program you require. The palette viewer is introduced with seven pre-installed palettes and you get the details of the recently picked color history.

Along with other distinctive features, you also have some keyboard shortcuts.

The web developer is developed by Chris Pederick. This extension is a must-have for Web Developers. It is one of the best Firefox extensions for 2023 that I should recommend.

It adds various web developers’ tools to your browser, that you can easily apply for any web page you use.

The concept developed from the PNH Developer toolbar. You can make use of these handy tools for your daily work purpose.

Web Developer is a useful tool for designers and web developers.

With Usersnap you can effortlessly perform User Acceptance Tests for receiving feedback regarding design & development.

You will be able to report bugs met on the websites using annotations & screenshots.

Besides, you get automatically attached meta descriptions like – screen size, URL, version, etc. You will be able to capture the exact screenshot of what the users view.

There is no need to install any sort of code on the site. Your time troubleshooting gets minimized as the JavaScript error on the client-side gets captured in the screenshots.

One of the top features of Usersnap is that the environment data gets automatically included in the tickets.

Another important feature of Ghostery is that it protects your privacy by blocking the trackers on the website from collecting your data!

Tampermonkey developed by Jan Biniok is one of the best userscript managers.

Tampermonkey is used across the globe. Over 10 million users use this extension and are available for multi-platforms apart from Firefox like Edge, Chrome, and Opera Next.

You get innumerable features like an in-built editor, auto-update checks, Zip based export import overview of the scripts. Besides, it provides you browser and cloud storage synchronization.

Built with by Galaxy is an important profiler tool for your website. You will be provided with a list of technologies on the specific page. It aims in providing a helping hand to designers, researchers, and web developers.

This is a must-have web browser Extention. You can analyze the competing websites and view the insights on the web page.  Like Google Analytics, it also provides the facility of tracking IDs.

Woo rank is another best browser extension that I may suggest to you. For instant SEO analysis and getting site reviews for mobiles, SEO, and social media you can well utilize this extension.

Yes! It is that much helpful. You will always be provided with current data as and when required.

You will get an actionable, clear, fresh review highlighting the issues. You get a report of the reviewed site’s usability, accessibility, or readability.

You can rely upon the data provided as they are always accurate and up to date. The analysis is helpful to the web developers, freelancers, sales team.

Here is another interesting web browser extension for Firefox that I may suggest. You will get easy access to any image on the web.

This amazing tool developed by Alexander Schlarb easily overrides the web browser’s user agent string. This is one of the best web developer tools for Firefox.

It will pretend to be a different browser and proves to be helpful as some pages need to subscribe or log giving reading access to the search engine.

Few require you to use some specific browser for accessing their websites.

This will give you full access even if some site locks you. It generates accurate values for different other navigators.

Cookie Manager one of the popular Firefox extensions is developed by Rob W. This tool helps you viewing, editing or deleting the cookies. Private mode is supported, and you can use it on mobile too.

This is developed for security-aware and privacy. When you are done with the cookie manager, you can easily remove the cookies.

It opens by default when the extension starts up. Besides, you have options to disable the automatic opening.

You can also import and export cookies and recreate specific browser sessions.

So, I hope by now, you could find out the most suitable Firefox extension for web developers for you from the given article.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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