Trending September 2023 # Banks In Isle Of Man # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Banks In Isle Of Man # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Overview of Top Banks in Isle of Man

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Isle of Man Financial Services Authority is the regulatory body in the country which monitored all the financial activities in the country. The Isle of Man bankers association is the trade association of the banking industry in the country and the main objective of the association is to represent the interest of industry and licensed holders on the Isle of Man. The financial sector is one of the major contributors to the GDP of the Isle of Man and the major employer of the island. Moody’s credit rating was the last set as Aa2 with a stable outlook for the Isle of Man. Banks on the Isle of Man provides various services including deposit, treasury services, foreign exchange, trust, and corporate services, mortgage, commercial financing assets, and wealth management and so on.

Top 10 Banks in Isle of Man

Here is a list of the top 10 Banks which are as follows:

1. Conister Bank Limited

Conister Banks is an only independent bank. It was established in the year 1935. The main focus of the bank is on the financial needs and aspirations of the Isle of Man community. Bank provides services like savings, personal loans, and assets finance to both business and individual. Bank also provides services in retail finance, small business finance, agriculture finance, and professional practice loan. The bank profit was increased by 78 % for the six months during the year 2023 as compared to the year 2023.

2. Isle of Man Bank Limited

It was founded in 1865 and was the first company to be registered on the Isle of Man. The bank has 11 branches on the island and it offers a wide range of products and services which includes day to day banking, savings, mortgages, loans and homes, and car insurance. Bank also offers services like retail banking, private banking, commercial banking, international banking, deposit, etc. The income of the bank was increased by 2% during the year 2023 as compared to 2023.

3. Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited 4. Lloyds Bank International Limited

Lloyds Bank International Limited is the subsidiary of the Lloyds banking group and started its operation in the Isle of Man in 1897. Bank offers a wide range of products and services including day to day banking activities, savings, mortgage, and loans. Bank also offers relationship management services through the premier banking team. Bank operates through 6 branches including the head office in the Isle of Man. Bank is rated as a lower medium grade by credit rating agency Moody’s as of May 2023. The bank is also licensed by the Financial Services Authority of the Isle of Man.

5. Barclays Bank Plc Isle of Man Branch

Barclays is operating over 325 years in 40 countries and employ approximately 1,30,000 people. Bank offer wealth and investment products and services through Barclays Bank PLC and its subsidiary companies. Bank offers services like personal banking, services to small and medium enterprises, local corporate, captive insurance, Fund manager and administrators, etc. The bank is operating on the Isle of Man for almost 100 years and it works with premier banking customers, personal banking customers, Association, non-profits SMEs overseas corporates. This Bank has a total of 3 branches 1)Douglas 2) Ramsey and 3) Castletown.

6. Nedbank private wealth limited

Nedbank private wealth provides services like private banking, investment management, and Fiduciary services to a wide range of clients which includes private individuals, non-trading companies, government, trust, and institutional investors. Bank offers consolidated the specialist and niche services into wealth management. Bank started its business in the Isle of Man during the year 1987 32 years ago and that time bank was named as Fairbairn private bank limited and later in the year 2012 the name of the bank was charged to Nedbank private wealth limited.

7. Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited 8. Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited

RBS international limited is the offshore banking entity of the RBS group and started its operation in the Isle of Man during 1996 and situated in Douglas. Bank offers services like commercial banking, deposit, treasury services investment services, corporate and real estate finance, lending and so on. RBS international limited is licensed by Financial Supervisory Authority of the Isle of Man. Bank operates under four brands RBS international, NatWest International, Isle of Man Bank and Coutts Crown Dependencies. Nearly 1500 employees work in a bank.

9. HSBC Bank Plc

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services in the world which employs around 300,000 people in 7,500 offices in 87 countries. HSBC Bank Plc is offering services like retail banking, wealth management, commercial and corporate banking services to the local market. Bank also offers services like deposit, lending, treasury services and so on. Bank operates through only one branch in the Isle of Man and it’s situated in Douglas.

10. Santander UK PLC

Santander UK PLC was founded in the year 1990 and headquarter of a bank situated in Douglas. Santander UK PLC is the subsidiary bank of the Santander group which one of the largest financial service provider group in the UK. Bank offers services of retail banking, commercial banking, global corporate banking and so on. Bank participated in deposit guarantee Scheme of the Isle of Man.

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