Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide On Rails Includes In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide On Rails Includes In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Introduction to Rails includes

The following article provides an outline for Rails includes. Ruby rails is an application window with several options to make the program user-friendly. Ruby rails include a helper tool that is used to integrate commands. Includes, depending on the usage, there are two methods used and they are preload and eager-load. Includes will not generate N number of SQL for every database; instead, it will sum up all the queries and decrease the backend data generated load. It handles data in an integrated manner. It is useful in generating an application using Ruby rails, where a huge number of data can be handled easily.

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What is Rails includes?

During discussions, one of the most characteristic questions is how the includes function in Active Record works, yet many developers are unclear about how it works. As a result, it’s worth mentioning that the method’s behavior is intriguing because it changes depending on the scenario. With includes, Active: Record guarantees that all of the given associations are loaded with the fewest number of queries feasible. As a result, both tables are loaded into memory when a table is queried for data with another table.

How to use Rails includes?

Let us take a case of 5 employees; hence, 6 SQL queries will be generated.

We make six database visits since we load employees in the first query and then do five further queries to get each employee’s forms. In other words, where N = 5, N + 1 SQL selects occur.

To generate an include command in rails, open the Ruby rails application and can type the command in the format below.

Rails include problem

The major problem or the limitation in Rails would be the amount of data being used, and we need SQL queries which will also be in huge numbers. Also, it takes more time to load data to establish the relationship.

Let us take a scenario of a blog creation application.

In this blog section, you came to know what problem you can use the includes function. But this is at the surface level. But, at times, we may have an experience that includes behaving differently in some scenarios.

Two Methods used in Rails include

Given below are the two methods used:



When to use preload?

If we changed our query from:


A new query will be generated because an eager load will be used instead of preload.

Preload vs Eager-load

Preload is utilized when we wish to access related records, and it runs two queries: one to load main records and the other to load associated records.


So, in this blog, we learned about includes in Ruby rails. There are two methods to use the includes depending on the need. Also, we came to know the need to use the includes function in ruby rails. In the best scenario, if we need to measure the performance of your query in your application, you need to use the most efficient ways. As a general rule, using includes will result in performant code that provides the greatest experience for other developers in your codebase – and, of course, consumers engaging with your apps. Get to know more about Ruby rails, which is helpful to handle N number of datas without getting N+1 number of SQL queries by using Ruby rails.

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