Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide On Zbrush Ui With Detailed Explanation # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide On Zbrush Ui With Detailed Explanation # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Introduction to Zbrush UI

Zbrush UI can be understood as the user interface of this software, and you can customize all the things available on its user screen. Some sections in this software’s user interface are adjusted on the user screen so that users can use each and every piece of content very smoothly. Although during working with this software, we need to have some tools or parameters on quick access mode as per our choice. So today, I will tell you all the important aspects of the UI of Zbrush so that you can handle it as per your choice.

Let us go through the sections of a user interface to understand it well. Once you start Zbrush, you will have this type of User screen.

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And this opened dialog box is Light Box, where you can find several pre-created models, Tools, Brushes, and so on, or you can open your desired one.

Above the bar of Light Box, there is one more bar you can call the dropdown menu bar. This bar will have several menus, such as the Alpha menu, Brush menu, and so on.

We have some tabs in the Lightbox bar that help us work with the sculpting process, such as the Draw tab, Edit tab, etc.

And the left side section, we have useful tabs such as the Brushes tab, Alpha tab, Texture tab, Materials tab, and so on.

When you move to the right side section, you will have a Toolbar panel in which we have several buttons that help us make adjustments and parametrical settings during the sculpting process.

ZBrush UI Color

It would help if you remembered that for any custom change, you have to enable the ‘Enable Customize’ option of the Config tab of the Preferences menu.

Zbrush Hotkeys

Now go to the Preferences menu again, and there is the Hotkeys tab.

Zbrush UI Shortcuts

For making our work smoother and speeding up, there are several shortcut keys offered by Zbrush. Let me tell you about some of them.

Draw Mode: For enabling the Draw button to start drawing your subtools, you can press the Q button.

Edit Mode: Once you have drawn any subtool, you need to edit it, and for that, you have to switch to Edit mode by pressing the T button.

Move tool: You can press the W button to move your subtool to the floor area. Same as this, we can use shortcuts for other tools of this bar.

Quick Panel: If you press the spacebar and hold it, you will have this quick access panel in which you can find several tools and options.

Creating Custom Pallets

For that, you have to enable the ‘Enable Customize’ option.

You will find your created menu in the menu bar.

You can dock your created customize panel anywhere on the user screen, such as I will place at the left side section.

And for adding my desired tools or option here, I will hold my desired one, drag it to the My Pallets panel, and drop it there.

In the same way, you can add several tools or options here.

And then assign a hotkey to it for quick access. Choose the key that is not assigned to other commands.

And you will have you customize the panel by pressing your hotkey.

ZBrush UI Custom Personalizing:

You can personalize the UI of this software and enable the customizing option.

Then place your desired tools or option at your desired section of the user screen.

Once done, you can save its file by the Save button or store it by the Store Config button.


I am sure you have lots of information about the UI of Zbrush now, and you can use this information to create your customized UI so that you can have more and more efficiency in your work and speed up your work, saving your time. Just go with your desired settings to get the best result.

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