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Trending October 2023 # Fix Update Error 0X8000Ffff In Windows # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Microsoft provides constant updates with several features, security upgrades and bug fixes. But sometimes, Windows update itself may run into critical error, stopping you from updating your system.

This is exactly the error most users come across when updating Windows 10 to version 1607. Corrupted system files, malicious software, performing system restore or the system failing to start the right services usually triggers the error message.

Software Distribution is a crucial system file that temporarily saves update files that may be needed to install Windows Update. To reset Windows update component, you need to replace Software Distribution folder so that Windows creates a new one.

But, first you need to disable Windows Update services.

Press the Windows + R key to open Run.

Type cmd and press Enter to open Command Prompt as administrator.

Type the following commands and press Enter after each command.

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc

Type the following command to rename the previous Software Distribution folder so that Windows creates a new one.

ren %systemroot%SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.bak

ren %systemroot%system32catroot2 chúng tôi

Now restart previously stopped services by typing the following command in the command prompt.

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start cryptSvc

Restart Windows and try updating your PC.

Note: You may get messages when renaming the files. You can ignore this as these services will only run during a Windows update.

If Windows still gives you the error message, you need to make sure that some crucial Windows update services are running. You can do this using Services.

Press the Windows + R key to open Run.

Also ensure that the services mentioned below are running.

DCOM Server Process Launcher

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Windows Update

Windows update troubleshooter scans your system for components related to Windows update that might be causing the Windows update error. Once the scan completes, the troubleshooter makes necessary changes to the system to fix the problem.

Press the Windows + I key to open Settings.

System files are a crucial part of Windows without which the OS cannot operate. Corrupted system files can cause Windows components to malfunction, in our case Windows Update. You can run the System File Checker (SFC) to scan and repair your system files.

Before you run SFC, make sure that you run the DISM command. SFC uses Windows Image to repair any corrupted system files. But if the Windows image itself is corrupted, you need to run the DISM command to repair Windows Image from the online repository.

Press the Windows + R key to open Run. 

Once the process completes, restart your PC.

Again, open Command Prompt as Admin.

Restart your computer once the verification process completes.

Malicious files and applications in your PC could also cause the update error 0x8000ffff. Thankfully, Windows has a built in Virus and Threat Protection feature which detects and removes malware from your system.

Press the Windows + R key to open Run.

Select Virus & threat protection.

Scanning your PC may take some time. Once the process completes, Windows will list all the malicious files in your PC. Removing them would be the best course of action. Once removed, try updating Windows. 

Note: Check if any third-party anti-malware application is running. These application may mistaken a Windows update for malicious activity which might block Windows access to the update server. This might trigger the update error 0x8000ffff.

When you perform a Windows update, your system connects to the Microsoft Update server. Wrong date and time on your system may cause conflicts when connecting to the server during an update. In that case setting the correct Data and Time should fix the issue.

Press the Windows + I key to open Settings.

Set the Time zone to  your current Time zone.

When performing a System Restore, Windows may replace certain system files correctly. This can result in system file conflicts which may result in the update Error 0x8000ffff. If you are getting the error message after performing a System Restore, you can revert the update to fix the issue.

To revert previous System Restore,

Press the Windows + R key to open Run.

Wait for the system to restart and try updating the Windows.

If your Windows is not getting any updates due to the Update Error 0x8000ffff, you might want to reset the entire Windows. Windows update not only adds features to the current version of Windows but also provides security upgrades. 

Failing to update Windows from time to time may make your system vulnerable. And if none of the methods mentioned above work, you might need to reset Windows to fix the issue. 

Resetting Windows installs a fresh version of Windows which should fix the error with your current version.

Press the Windows + I key to open Settings.

Select Next.

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