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Trending October 2023 # How Does Proxy Vote Work With Examples? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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What is a Proxy Vote?

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How Does it Work?

Shareholders receive information about the topics to be voted on during the annual general meetings, and companies send them proxy materials that include annual reports, proxy statements, and proxy cards with specific voting instructions. The investors who possess voting shares in the company have the eligibility to vote on the issues discussed in these meetings.

In many cases, some shareholders choose not to physically participate in the shareholder meeting and instead elect someone from the company’s management team or a firm to vote on their behalf. The proxy, an individual or firm, is responsible for casting a proxy vote according to the shareholder’s instructions on the proxy card. The proxy vote can be submitted through mail, phone, or online, but it must be done before the cut-off time.

Examples of Proxy Vote

Now, let us look at the following example to understand the concept of proxy voting.

On 25th November 2023, Kirkland Lake Gold announced its plan to acquire Detour Gold in an all-stock deal, after which the two companies will merge to become a single entity. In this entity, the shareholders of Kirkland Lake Gold will own around 73% of the merged entity’s shares, while the shareholders of Detour Gold will own the remaining 27%.

The board unanimously approved the deal, but the shareholders were given the opportunity to vote for or against the acquisition. All eligible shareholders received the voting and proxy information, which allowed them to cast their votes or appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. The company closed the acquisition deal in January 2023.

Source: BusinessWire

Reasons for Proxy Vote

Delegate to someone who knows more than the principal

In most cases, the shareholders have limited access to the company information time, making it difficult to analyze and understand what is happening within the organization. Hence, they prefer to delegate their voting rights to someone likely to be more informed than them.

The principal can’t attend the meeting in person

In some cases, the shareholders must attend the meetings in person, which is not feasible for many shareholders due to various logistical constraints. So, in the absence of remote voting, proxy voting seems to be a viable option to fulfill the voting responsibilities of the principal.

How to Apply for it? Advantages of Proxy Vote

First, it is useful for the shareholders who stay in remote places.

It is an easier option for shareholders who are sick or have major disabilities.

A principal with limited understanding can assign voting rights to a well-informed person, resulting in better corporate decisions.

There is no privacy in the vote between the principal and the proxy

There are chances that the proxy may coerce the principal to obtain the authorization to vote on their behalf.

The proxy may vote per their inclinations, ignoring the original voter’s preferences.

Some shareholders may be unable to find an appropriate individual or firm to trust with their vote.

Key Takeaways

Some of the key takeaways of the article are:

An individual or firm casts a proxy vote on behalf of a company’s shareholder who chooses not to vote on an issue or cannot attend the meeting in person.

The company’s annual general meeting sends the eligible shareholders the voting and proxy information.

A principal with a limited understanding of the issues can select a well-informed person to cast a proxy vote.

The shareholder’s designated proxy is expected to cast a proxy vote according to the instructions on the proxy card. However, the proxy may ignore the original voter’s will and decide to vote as per their inclinations.


So, it can be seen that a proxy vote is an important tool for shareholders to influence the decisions of a company in the right way. The shareholders should understand their rights under the proxy voting mechanism and exercise them responsibly to help the company go forward.

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