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Trending October 2023 # How To Use Quick Notes On Mac # Suggested November 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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Quick Notes is a feature that allows you to take notes without opening the Notes app. It’s ideal for recording a brief thought, storing anything from the web, noting a phone number, etc. Let’s check out how to use Quick Notes on Mac. 

What is a Quick Note on Mac?

Quick Notes is a faster way to take notes without leaving your app. It makes it simple and convenient to record thoughts and snippets without launching the Notes app. 

The coolest aspect is that it can intelligently determine which app you’re using in order to provide you with a personalized experience. For instance, if you’re using Safari, you can note a URL or some text from a webpage. You can also easily save some material from an email if you’re using the Mail app. 

Quick Notes debuted with macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15 and have got better with the all-new macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.1.1. 

How to access Quick Notes on Mac 

The quickest method to open a Quick Note on Mac is to use the keyboard shortcut “Fn + Q.” You may also go to the Notes app and tap Quick Notes on top of the pop-up.

You may also use Hot Corners to quickly access Quick Notes. To enable hot corners on your Mac, follow the steps below. 

Set up hot corners in macOS Ventura 

    Navigate to Desktop & Dock. 

    Note: If you are using macOS Monterey, go to Apple logo → System Preferences → Mission Control. Then follow Steps 3-6 from above.

    How to get new Quick Note each time on macOS Ventura 

      Go to Launchpad or use Spotlight search. 

      Choose Settings. 

      To unlock all the possibilities of the Notes app, follow our guide on how to use the Notes app proficiently on Mac. 

      You may add Smart Links to a Quick Note on Mac from within an app or while browsing the web. Let’s see how we can accomplish that with Safari and the Quick Notes interface. 

        Open the Webpage on Safari. 

        Choose Add to Quick Note. 

        When you revisit the linked content on the webpage, the Quick Note’s thumbnail appears in the screen’s lower right corner to remind you of what you previously noted. 

          Create a Quick Note. 

          Congratulations! Now your link will be displayed in the Quick Notes. 

          How to add text or images from Safari to Quick Notes 

            Navigate to a Website in Safari. 

            Select the text. 

            How to view and edit Quick Notes in the Notes app 

              Open Notes → Quick Notes folder.  

              Other actions, such as sharing or deleting, can be taken on a note under the Quick Note section. You may also edit a Quick Note to add tables, tags, and other features. Consider the following: 

              Include a table. 

              Make a list. 

              Include hyperlinks 

              Attach images, files, and other media. 

              Note: Quick Notes can’t be locked.

              Signing off… 

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