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Trending October 2023 # Learn How List Components Work In Ionic? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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Introduction to Ionic List


List of Items either static or interactive using

How does List Components work in Ionic?

Listed below are different attributes which can be used with ion-list


Meaning – This attribute decides on the type of border that should be applied at the end of every item. Used when the developer needs to give border and styling to each element of the list


Meaning – These attributes give margin to the entire list along with rounded corners. Used when the developer needs to give margin and styling to the entire list

Interactive Items with the sliding feature can be achieved using the ion-item-sliding attribute. Ion-item-sliding tag should always be a child element of ion-list then only the sliding features can be applied to the application, else it will be displayed as Basic Static List with different options. Ionic Single can vary from Single-Item list to multiple item lists based on requirements.

Ionic Items can also have a hover property where when the item is pressed it gets highlighted making the user know that the item is selected/pressed.

Examples of Ionic List

Here are the following examples mention below

Example #1 – Sliding Ionic List

Ionic List has a sliding feature where, when item slides from Right to Left or Left to Right can be achieved using an ion-item-sliding tag in Ionic. This tag can further contain labels, slide options, avatars, and images. This feature is generally seen in many mobile applications, where slide to delete, slide to snooze, slide right to archive, etc. features are used. Ion-item-options have an attribute side that provides the ability of slide to start or end as per requirements.



Examples #2 – Details List with Arrow

Ionic Items with Detail arrow to the extreme right of the ionic item can be achieved by using the detail attribute on the ion-item Ionic tag. If the developer needs to add some other icon instead of the default arrow icon, then attribute detailIcon can be used to give a custom icon in each item. The below example explains how to use an avatar along with an item list to make the UI look more attractive. Ion avatar also has the additional property to decide whether the avatar will be at the start of the list or to the end based on the attribute slot




Ionic List is one of the most popularly used Ionic UI components which Makes Mobile Applications look segregated and focused on Each Content in the list items making it Easily readable content & User Friendly. Using List is very simple and comes along with many more additional features that just need understanding on each attribute, CSS styling, and using them as per the requirement of your application. The more you use these lists and their properties the more you will explore and get to know what wonders it does with just a few lines of code.

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