Trending September 2023 # Pmi Sp Training (7 Courses Bundle, 62+ Hours Of Video Tutorials) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Pmi Sp Training (7 Courses Bundle, 62+ Hours Of Video Tutorials) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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About PMI SP Training

Course Name Online PMI- SP Training

Deal You get access to all 7 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 62+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn project schedule planning and development. We also look at a sophisticated case study on schedule management of NASA.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Project Schedule Management and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about project management would be preferable

What do you get? All videos of 7 courses, Projects

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

PMI SP Training Curriculum

In this section, each module of the PMI SP Certification Training is explained.



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


Project Schedule management can be done outside of the project at any time. The internal process of project easy careful development maintains and communicates to its relevant stakeholders with different schedules for managing time and resources in terms of the task.


The main objective of this training is to understand the need for project Schedule Management which helps the project to be completed within given timelines and conformity. It also focuses on Effort, schedule, and Cost estimation for project schedule management as well as it includes Work Breakdown Structure for project schedule management in detail. Some important included things are Schedule strategy. It covers Project Schedule configuration Management, Developing a Schedule, Establishing scheduling policies and procedures along with communicating the objectives and goals to team members.

Course Highlights

Project Management Institute Schedule Program going to highlights various key features in various aspects of delivering excellent project management. It shares the best knowledge for the project professionals to improve their skill set, the process of understanding project strategies and project plan concerning Schedule Management. Let’s see all features in details one by one as below: So at the starting, we are going to cover Schedule Strategy (PMI SP) in details format so the points get highlighted into it as Introduction to PMI SP, list of exam contents getting listed for PMI SP as outline format, Schedule Model, PMI Scope Management for listing features. Along with PMI SP focusing on PMI work Breakdown Structure as well as User involvement and schedule model for better understanding purpose, it also includes PMI Time management. Next to it now is going to focus on schedule Planning and Development (PMI-SP) with includes things like Diagramming Methods – Schedule Management, Estimation, and schedule Development, Gnatt charts, How Schedule Development process works with PMI, Develop Schedule Model baseline, It also includes things like how to Schedule Model Analysis, Communication, and Reporting as well as Productivity Measures. One more important point highlighted in this training is Schedule Management – NASA Case study which includes so many good things like NASA Schedule, its roles, and responsibility,  Reschedule Development Activity, NASA Schedule Development, NASA Task sequencing, Pace of projects, Duration Estimation, Establishing IMS Baseline along with Schedule Update and Maintenance as well as Real-Time handling.

Project Highlights

It’s time to implement all the covered points of the Project Management Institute Schedule Program into the actual use of the project example. It includes different examples of Projects based on various real-time examples. Let’s see those entire things in details as follows: Into it, at the initial stage we are coving projects on Project Management for controlling the things, Introduction to Project Management and controlling, Process Group and Knowledge Areas, so it can focus on Scope Management and Ongoing Scope Monitoring, Management processes. It also covers very important features like Work Breakdown Structure, Focuses on the requirement, and Communication of requirement along with requirement specification. This step includes Project Schedule Management Training so this project covers the basic points like its introduction, What is an actual need for Project Schedule Management, How to deal with the internal process for careful development, maintaining as well as communicating to relevant stockholders for completing tasks within given Schedule timestamp. Work breakdown Structure well maintained in this project demonstration. One more Project Demonstration based on Stakeholder Communication Management including Its Introduction, Stakeholder and Mutuality, Direction of influence, Tools, Gauging Customer, and Targeted Communication and so on. Along with it also going to focus on the prospect to project Schedule management with Communication plan and Maintenance, Continuous Review, Leadership techniques. Along with all those this training including things like how to do value of stakeholder management in a very efficient manner, schedule closeout and many more interesting things to cover Stakeholder Communications Management for scheduling program.

What is PMI- SP Training?

Project schedule management is a systematic project management process used to forecast the variances in projects by comparing the work scheduled and work accomplished. Schedule Management is a long-term approach that works in a very systematic way, whose purpose is to achieve success in projects by estimating the best cost and project schedule.

In the current competitive market, quality work at the projected cost and timely completion of any project is the main goal of any consulting firm or industry. Project schedule management techniques help to achieve this goal by focusing on the important factors affecting any project like budget allocation and project scheduling. It contributes to identifying and reducing risk, Profitability analysis, Project vision and forecasting, Better responsibility, following the performance of the project.

There are many opportunities for PMI. Practicing PMI-SP in your current job or your own business gives excellent results. And if you start learning about it, you will see how it helps you achieve the desired goal of the project.

Which tangible skills will you learn in this Course?

You will learn a lot. We’re highlighting here the most relevant ones –

You will learn the basic roles and responsibilities of the project manager.

After completion, of course, you will be able to handle any project in time and an estimated budget.

You will be recognized easily by the employers among the crowd.

You will be able to manage people through change

You will become a great leader

Your career growth will increase

You will gain Project management skills, critical thinking skills, Analytical skills, team building, risk management, time management and many more.

You will learn the basic principles of Project scheduling and its implementation.

After completion, of course, you will be able to identify problems in projects and the tools for eliminating that and making processes better and more effective.

You will learn effective techniques to organize projects and teams.


Willingness to learn and practice PMI schedule strategy

An open mind to incorporate different ideas & learnings

Basic computer functioning knowledge:

Passion to be the best and to work for the best companies

Strong determination, perseverance, and motivation

A good computer with an internet connection

Very Basic knowledge of project schedule and management.

Target Audience

This PMI SP Online Training directly expands the scope of various aspects of various job roles involved in the Project management sector. The purpose of this course is to help the individuals to learn the tools and techniques for Project Schedule management. The following list has a detailed list of those individuals for whom this training will be a great experience:

Graduates seeking a corporate job for Project management

Professionals from Project management background

Project managers

Certified project professionals

Project schedule managers

Management students

Project developers

Key project stakeholders

Programmer and developer

PMI SP Training FAQ’s Why should I do this PMI SP Certification Training?

Because there’s no better PMI-SP course you would find in the market. If you’re willing to learn the tools and techniques of the project schedule, your search ends here.

I’m in a Management student. Can I do this PMI SP Training?

Yes, you can. This course is highly recommended. If you want to get your desired job in the field of project scheduling and management and want to grow in this field, you must do this PMI SP course.

What is this PMI SP Certification Training course all about?

You will know what is the need for project scheduling management in a project and what are the unique tools and techniques to do this. This PMI SP training course is designed in such a way to provide you the complete knowledge that begins right from scratch. Work breakdown structure, Estimation of effort for each task, resource availability, work schedule, budget schedule, Project management manual and many more you will learn through this course.  This PMI SP certification course will boost your knowledge of Project Schedule management and Monitoring.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Project schedule Management is one of the acclaimed and accredited courses, from the list of various training programs and certification courses available in this competitive market.  Schedule for any project is an important activity, it is an organization of work to be performed in a particular project at particular periods. It helps the project manager to track the work performed or work pending for a task assigned. This PMI SP training course will address the roles and responsibility of Project Managers, Schedule manager, planning and monitoring of the project, work schedule, project budget, etc.. This PMI SP Certification Training will make you able to:

Handle any complex project with various scope and very competitive budget smoothly and open various career opportunities because now you will become the master of your field.

You can help the company to increase its Project budget expectations and become an important part of the professional group of an organization.

You will be ahead of your competitors

This PMI SP training course will help the beginner in Project scheduling and management role.

You will learn an effective management plan or schedule which will help to execute any project successfully and make the client happy.

This course will enhance your presentation skills of scheduling and budget that will help you reach success.

This PMI SP Certification Course is not going to harm you in any way, it will always help you to make a better Project Manager.


Very Interesting Course


Ahmed Bahaeldin Ahmed Abdalla

Schedule Model Overview


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Great Course


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Detail Presentation


Alin Luca

Highly Recommendable


Rostyslav Haleliuk

Great course


Clint A Behm

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